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Flared type tube fittings which has many good properties

Nov 19, 2016

By fitting product introduction in the related article, we already have a basic understanding, grasp to various manufacturers in the production can often produce many different types of pipe joints, so you can better meet the needs of our users.
Spread mouth type tube joint is which one of, also we also understand to this joint has a, type and b type two species structure type type, a, type by has 74 ° outside cone of tube joint body, and up pressure tight role of nut and with 66 °; within cone hole of tube sets composition; b type by has 90 ° outside cone of tube joint body and with 90 °. Inner cone hole of the nut. The flared fitting is simple in structure, good performance, process and easy to use, apply to oil and gas as the medium and low pressure in the pipeline system, its working pressure depends on the allowable pressure pipe, usually 3. 5~16MPa。 Working pressure of the fitting itself is not clearly defined. Widely used in aircraft, automotive and machine tool industries in hydraulic pipe system.