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Installation of pipe lined with plastic details and matters need attention

Nov 19, 2016

Lining plastic pipe fittings are used on ring grooves in the pipe, due to its excellent characteristics of safety and ease of maintenance in recent years is more and more widely used in our lives, to introduce the installation notes:
Lining plastic pipe fittings during the installation process can be divided into the water test. Throughout the piping system should conduct a comprehensive inspection after installation is complete, you need to check the accessory tube, gaskets, fasteners and valves necessary to meet technical requirements and piping that does not match the parts removed, will be closed all openings, and minimum for their irrigation, high gas ... Lining plastic pipe fittings for pressure tested wash and do well purging and pressure test records. Attention when handling and connection at installation time not encountered sharp objects to prevent pipe damage. Lining plastic pipe installation to prevent organic matter in contact with the pipe, after the installation of pipe temporarily sealed to prevent debris into the.