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Pressure testing hose connector environments

Nov 19, 2016

Pressure testing hose joint of the environment:
A, fluid type and temperature (Please select the appropriate fluid types, the quick connector of the temperature the body material seal material) based on fluid, suitable for bulk material, sealing material is different, for example, recommended steel quick connector air water and selection of brass or stainless steel
Second, automatic switch valve of the structure (Please select the appropriate piping uses the quick connector of the valve structure) for construction of valves, two way switch, one-way switch and two open. So please pay attention. Other than double switch because at the time of separation, fluid from the tube out.
Of the three hose connectors use environment (select the material of construction, quick connectors suitable for use) use a combination of environmental conditions of humidity and dust, as well as easy use environment such as corrosion, to take into account the selected quick connector type, body material seal material.