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Welded pipe joints install what to pay attention to when

Nov 19, 2016

Welded pipe joints installation should pay attention to the time
Welding pipe fittings securely attached, high pressure, high temperature, sealing and repetitive, and features such as easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable. Welded pipe joints consists of three components: connectors, ferrules, nuts. When the ferrule and nut on the tube after you insert the connector body, when tightening the nut, sleeve front outer cone fitting and joints, blades biting evenly into seamless steel pipes, form an effective seal. Welded pipe joints install Note:
1, in the pipe port, internal and external surface light deburring, preparing steel tubes must be practical precision cold-drawn seamless steel tube
2, in order to ensure installation of the fitting effect, first for preinstallation
3, check whether the tube has raised, end of the preinstalled, smear a small amount of grease on the card and verify that there are no installed backwards
4, use the wrench to nut on the fitting body, end of the installation.