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Anti-Theft Composite Gully Grate of SMC Material

Oct 13, 2017

Anti-Theft Composite Gully Grate of SMC Material Basic Info

  • Type: Grating

  • Color: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc.

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Application: Green Belt, Sidewalk, Underground Garage

  • Molding Method: Membrane Pressure

  • Origin: China

  • Anti-Theft Composite Gully Grate of SMC Material Material: SMC

  • Shape: Square

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Characteristic: Fiberglass Reinfoced Resin

  • Certificate: CE&En124, SGS, Eurofins, ISO

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Specification: A15, B125, C250

  • HS Code: 3926909090

Anti-Theft Composite Gully Grate of SMC Material Product Description

Water Grate Features:
1. No recycling value
2. High erosion resistance
3. Desirable breakage security
4. Shock-resistance

1. Against theft ---JINMENG SMC Water Grate is non-metallic, non-conductive and non-sparking. It has no value of recycling, thus completely solving the problems caused by theft.

2. High load capacity ---Its main components are fibreglass and unsaturated resin. JINMENG's existing moulds load capacity are A15, B125, C250.

3. Free design--Sucs as Color, Logo, Panel, load and dimension can be desigened according to the requirements of customer.

4. Long life ---Minimum lifespan of 30 maintenance free years.

5. Well sealed ---It can be used hermetically, and effectively prevent those poisonous gases leaking out from cesspool. Well sealled, no noise pollution or rebound.

6. Good wear and corrosion resistance ---It will never rust because it has good wear and corrosion resistance.

7. High and low temperature resistance ---Excellent insulator against heat ( from -40° C to 200° C)

8. Lighter weight and more competitive price--- the weight of composite water grate especially SMC water grate is lighter. The composite water grate is more convenient to transport, install and repair.

Size Remarks
Clear Open 380x680mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 450x750mm  
Clear Open 550x550mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 600x600mm Half cover, half grating
Clear Open 450x450mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 500x500mm Half cover, half grating
Clear Open 440x645mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 495x640mm  
Clear Open 355x555mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 400x600mm  
Clear Open 330x630mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 380x680mm  
Clear Open 350mm           B125, C250, D400 Cover Dia 500x500mm With lock
Clear Open 350x520mm     A15+, B125 Cover Dia 400x500mm  
Clear Open 345x550mm     A15+ Cover Dia 400x500mm  
Clear Open 330x450mm     A15+ Cover Dia 380x500mm  
Clear Open 355x355mm             A15+, B125 Cover Dia 400x400mm  
Clear Open 245x345mm             A15+, B125 Cover Dia 300x400mm  
Clear Open 205x305mm             A15+, B125 Cover Dia 250x350mm  
Clear Open 130x250mm             A15+, B125 Cover Dia 165x265mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 640x495mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 500x550mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 450x560mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 450x500mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 250x500mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 290x290mm  
A15+ Cover Dia 170x530mm  

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