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Features Of Ultra High Pressure Hose Frequent

Nov 19, 2016

Super high pressure hose of varieties type has many, today main to everyone introduced about rubber soft joint, the type of super high pressure hose full using has rubber of elastic, and high gas key sex, and resistance media sex, and resistance waiting sex and resistance radiation sex, features, used high strength, and hot and cold stability strong of polyester cord oblique make and of composite Hou, after high pressure, and high temperature mold sulfide and into. Common features in the following areas:
1. environmental protection: ultra high pressure hose quick connectors and broken connections, spilled oil will not leak, you can protect the environment.
2. the economy: high pressure hose above all creates economic value for our customers.
3. save time: based connector remove the oil flow and connections, simple operation, can greatly save time and manpower.
4. fuel: broken oil flow, single connector on the valve can be closed circuit, oil will not flow, can effectively avoid the loss of oil pressure.
Super high pressure hose with good overall performance, compared with traditional joints, advantage or more, mainly used in water and sewage lifting and conveying, because hoses with high wear resistance, suitable for harsh environmental conditions of use.