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Fittings Application

Nov 19, 2016

Fitting is the connection between pipe and pipe tools, is between components and pipes can be disassembled and the connection point. Plays an important role in the pipe, which is one of the two main components of the hydraulic pipes. Tube connectors used for line connection, the connection form of socket-welded or threaded connection. Mainly used for small-diameter low-pressure pipelines, used to frequent Assembly and disassembly of parts, or use as using threaded fittings pipe final adjustments. Product fast and easy and have included, structure should use metal contact seal, gasket seal structure is usually used to carry water, oil, air, pipeline, use of malleable cast iron materials. In addition, requirements and pricing are also selection factors to be considered.
Fitting has a wide variety of species, common fittings can be divided into hardware fittings and hose connections in two ways. If according to the fitting and pipe connections, pipe joint has flared, sleeve and welded the three, withholding most of the hose connector hose connector.