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Gully Gratings/Trench Grates

May 14, 2017

Gully Gratings/Trench Grates Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Casting Method:Sand Casting

  • Casting Form Material:Metal

  • Casting Metal:Cast Iron

  • Casting Form Usage Count:Permanent

  • Material:Grey,Ductile Cast Iron

  • Specification:EN 124 standard

  • Origin: China

Gully Gratings/Trench Grates Product Description

Manhole cover/Trench Covers

1) Material: Grey iron, ductile iron,

2) Type: Round type and Square type, triangle,

3) Sand casting,

4). We can produce as per customers'drawings.
Casting manhole cover

Our advantage
1)The manhole cover can be made in different standards of iron.
2)We can guarantee the quality use for long time.
3)Our technical engineer design the product for high accuracy.
4)Your supplied drawing is welcomed.

We're a leader manufacturer specialized in making Gully grating/Gully cover which have been sold to Germany, USA, Austria, France, Italy, Russia, Vietnam and other countries, our products take the most majority, and they have a good and stable quality.
If you are interest in our products, pls feel free to contact me.

Clear Open 380x680mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 450x750mm
Clear Open 550x550mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 600x600mmHalf cover, half grating
Clear Open 450x450mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 500x500mmHalf cover, half grating
Clear Open 440x645mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 495x640mm
Clear Open 355x555mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 400x600mm
Clear Open 330x630mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 380x680mm
Clear Open 350mm           B125, C250, D400Cover Dia 500x500mmWith lock
Clear Open 350x520mm     A15+, B125Cover Dia 400x500mm
Clear Open 345x550mm     A15+Cover Dia 400x500mm
Clear Open 330x450mm     A15+Cover Dia 380x500mm
Clear Open 355x355mm             A15+, B125Cover Dia 400x400mm
Clear Open 245x345mm             A15+, B125Cover Dia 300x400mm
Clear Open 205x305mm             A15+, B125Cover Dia 250x350mm
Clear Open 130x250mm             A15+, B125Cover Dia 165x265mm
A15+Cover Dia 640x495mm
A15+Cover Dia 500x550mm
A15+Cover Dia 450x560mm
A15+Cover Dia 450x500mm
A15+Cover Dia 250x500mm
A15+Cover Dia 290x290mm
A15+Cover Dia 170x530mm

Gully Gratings/Trench Grates.jpg