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How To Prevent Pressure Testing Hose Connector Mechanical Injury

Nov 19, 2016

Application for pressure testing hose users are likely to understand, in use during the leave application for joint product, however many users react to pressure hose during use, mechanical damage may occur, in order to avoid this problem how can we prevent it?
1, the installation process should as far as possible the pressure testing hose connector connecting to the desired installation location, prohibition of wilfully connections to avoid damaging the hose.
2, during the process of installation, to prevent force too much, so as not to crush or squeeze wound gaskets, sealing effect.
3, the installation of flexible connector to prevent slag splashing on to the hose, to prevent mechanical damage.
4, when users use the gasket, it should be noted that when stainless steel is sealed at both ends, you should try to avoid using asbestos gasket, because asbestos gaskets in some cases, a little corrosion on stainless steel parts, at this time according to the actual application environment using suitable rubber gaskets.
5, pressure testing hose  fitting material for NI-CR austenitic stainless steel when in use to prevent the corrosion of chloride ion and chloride ion content should not exceed 25ppm as well.