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Introduction To Welding Pipe Fittings

Nov 19, 2016

Welding type tube joint applies media: oil, and water, and gas, non-corrosion sex or corrosion sex media. on welding type sealed tube joint, distribution with pipe of specifications requirements compared flexible, and pipeline welding Hou, has connection solid, and sealed performance good, features, thus in refinery, and chemical, and light, and textile, and defense, and metallurgical, and aviation, and ship, system in the was widely used; also applies Yu various mechanical engineering, and machine equipment, hydraulic drive pipeline. When the bite type fitting production can not meet the need, as well as in strong corrosion situation, priority. Welding pipe fittings manufacturing standards
1, for fluid power and general use of metal fitting o-rings sealing joints (JB/T 966-2005)
2, cone seal welded straight fitting (JB/T 6381.1-2007)
3, express 55 ° for conical seal welded pipe threads where pressure-tight fitting (JB/T 6381.2-2007)
4, express 55 ° for conical seal welded tube fittings (JB/T 6381.3-2007)
5, conical sealing 60 ° through seal tube fittings (JB/T 6381.4-2007)
6, cone seal welding 90 ° elbow connector (JB/T 6382.1-2007) welded pipe fittings