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Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate

Mar 06, 2018

Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Execution standard: EN124

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Application: Hardware

  • Surface Treatment: Shotblast and Paint

  • Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000

  • Specification: EN124 B125, C250, D400 etc

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Type: Clay Wet Sand

  • Material: Cast Iron

  • Standard: En124

  • Manhole Cover and Grate Final Finish: Shot-Blasting

  • Transport Package: Pallet

Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate Product Description

Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate
Material:Cast Iron
Technology:Sand casting
Weight Range:Up to 200KGS
Application:Road, Park etc Public Works

We Customize Manufacturing all kinds of Manhole Covers & Road Grates of Ductile Iron Castings As Per Customers' Detailed Specifications.

Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate Advantage to ours:
--Steady Quality;
--Competitive Price;
--On Time Delivery;
--Rich Experience of 18 years on Casting Production.
--Casting OEM Service.

Detailed Features to Sand Casting, Ductile Iron Casting:
(Manhole Covers, Road Grates, Tree Grates, Water Box, Cast Iron Chair/Bench etc)

1. Material & Standard:
   Ductile iron casting;
   JIS, DIN, BS, GB, ASTM etc.
2. Moulding processing:
  Green sand, Resin sand.
3. Melting facilities:
   Cupola furnace, medium frequency induction electric furnace or electric arc furnace.
4. Casting Inspection facilities:
   Direct-reading spectrum instrument, metallographic analysis, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, X-ray inspection, mechanical properties inspection.
5. Heat treatment facilities:
   Aging oven, Normalizing, Quenching and Tempering equipments.
6. Surface treatment:
   Shot blast cleaning, paints, powder coating and others.
7.Machining facilities:
  Milling machines, drilling machines and other common machines.
8. Inspection facilities:
   Common inspection tools and others.
9. Industrial categories:
   Tractor, Heavy-duty truck industry, Car industry, Farm machinery, Construction engineering machine industry, Electricity power industry, Elevator industry, Valve industry, General machine industry Public Works and others.
10.Part Unit weight range:
     For ductile iron casting:up to 3500kgs.
11. Manhole Cover, Road Grate, Tree Grate Representative product:
     Machine bed, machine table, bearing housing, housing, casing, cover, valve body, pump body, big ring gear, big pulley, big sheave, bolster, frame, rear frame, front frame, engine block, mill-ball, hammer, jaw plate, bucket tooth, front idler, excavator sprocket, link rod, Bucket link rod, barre liner, grate plate, top grate, open grate, front wall, rack, cast iron chair/bench leg, manhole cover, road grate etc.

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