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Pipe Repair Clamp H500 for Ci, Di Pipe

Jan 20, 2018

Pipe Repair Clamp H500 for Ci, Di Pipe Basic Info

  • Model NO.: H500

  • Suitable for: Spigot Socket Ci, Di Pipe

  • Pipe Diameter: Dn500

  • Pipe Repair Clamp Gasket Material: EPDM

  • Connection: Thread

  • Stock: Available

  • Transport Package: Wooden Box

  • Origin: Anqing, China

  • Pipe Repair Clamp Application: Leaking Pipe Quick Repair

  • Pressure: Pn10/Pn16

  • Body Material: Ductile Iron

  • Surface Treatment: Epoxy Power Coating

  • Pipe Repair Clamp Bolts & Nuts: Galvanized Carbon Steel

  • Specification: H500

Pipe Repair Clamp H500 for Ci, Di Pipe Product Description

1. We are the supplier of Leaking Pipe Repair Clamps for Water and Gas Supply Pipeline Networks in over 100 Chinese Cities and some foreign countries including UK, Australia, Sri Lanka and so on.

2.Pipe Repair Clamp H500 for Ci, Di Pipe Features of products : 

   -  consist of the two half cast iron tubes with good quality rubber seal inside 
  -  the most econimical and efficient way for the rush repair of the leak or burst of the pipeline. 
  -  no need disassembly from the body of pipeline after repair 

3. Pipe Repair Clamp The list of sizes :

S/NSuitable forSizeNominal DiameterOD (outside diameter)
1 Iron Pipe Dg404048.348.0  
2 Iron Pipe Dg505060.360.0  
3 Iron Pipe Dg656576.176.0  
4 Iron Pipe Dg808088.589.093.098.0
5 Iron Pipe Dg100100114.0114.0118.0118.0
6 Iron Pipe Dg150150165.0165.0169.0170.0
7 Iron Pipe Dg200200219.0218.0220.0220.0
8 Iron Pipe Dg250250273.0 271.6274.0
9 Iron Pipe Dg300300325.0 322.8326.0
10 Iron Pipe Dg350350  374.0378.0
11 Iron Pipe Dg400400426.0 425.6429.0
12 Iron Pipe Dg450450  476.8480.0
13 Iron Pipe Dg500500530.0 528.0532.0
14 Iron Pipe Dg600600  630.8635.0
15 Iron Pipe Dg700700  733.0738.0
16 Iron Pipe Dg800800  836.0842.0
17 Iron Pipe Dg900900  939.0945.0
18 Iron Pipe Dg10001000  1041.01048.0
19 Iron Pipe Dg12001200  1246.01255.0
20 Iron Pipe Dg14001400   1462.0
21 Iron Pipe Dg16001600   1668.0
1Extended Iron PipeDg808088.589.093.098.0
2Extended Iron PipeDg100100114.0114.0118.0118.0
3Extended Iron PipeDg150150165.0165.0169.0170.0
4Extended Iron PipeDg200200219.0218.0220.0220.0
5Extended Iron PipeDg250250273.0 271.6274.0
6Extended Iron PipeDg300300325.0 322.8326.0
7Extended Iron PipeDg400400426.0 425.6429.0
8Extended Iron PipeDg500500530.0 528.0532.0
9Extended Iron PipeDg600600  630.8635.0
Pipe Repair Clamp H500 for Ci, Di Pipe Note:  
1. W-Pipe:  welded steel pipeline, Z-Pipe:  zinc-plated steel pipeline 
   C-Pipe: cast iron pipeline, D-Pipe: ducitile iron pipeline.


S/NSuitable forSizeNominal DiameterOD (outside diameter)
 Stage 1Stage 3
1Concrete PipeZ100100150  
2Concrete PipeZ150150200  
3Concrete PipeZ200200260  
4Concrete PipeZ250250320  
5Concrete PipeZ300300380  
6Concrete PipeZ400400490  
7Concrete PipeZ500500610  


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