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Square Manhole Cover

May 20, 2017

Square Manhole Cover Product Detail

Square Manhole Cover Product Description

  1. Burglarproof
    2. Sound proof
    Non-noise, and environment protection. After the lathe machining, the top and the base can be inosculation tightly, eliminating noise when vehicles passing.
    3. Falling-proof
    Square Manhole Cover Have good compression bearing. Our products can bear 400KN and not be destoryed, and which is greatly better than the national standards (240KN), and the power supply bureau standards (360KN). It can bears all kinds of heavy trucks rolling, and can prevent accident of the cover falling.
    4. Nonslip
    Square Manhole Cover The excellent casting technics makes the lines of covers clear, increasing friction, and guarding against passerby slide into road for the covering of rain, snow, and ice.
    5. Nice appreance
    Exquisite workmanship, clear, smoothly, well-distributed, non-air blister, zero defects, legibility, and black bitumen coated, making the product brightness, antioxidant, and corrosion attack.
    6. Top-grade material
    Adopting ductile iron casting craft, we improve the density of products, making them have the following advantages: Strong anti-pressure, bending and impact resistence, heat/cold-proof, anti-friction, and so on.

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