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Stainless CR Single Band Repair Clamp

Jul 12, 2017

Stainless CR Single Band Repair Clamp Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:CR 1

  • Type:Emergency Tools

  • Certification:ISO

  • Update Method:by Internet

Stainless CR Single Band Repair Clamp Product Description

The stainless band repair clamp:
1. Suitable for many kinds of pipeline, such as cast iron pipeline, steel pipeline, PVC, PE, glass pipe and so on.
2. Easy installation: One people and one wrench can finish the instalation. Lower pipe arc degree requirements.
3. Stainless steel shell: Anticorrosive, high toughness, high strength.
4. Overlapping rings: The sealing end portion is able to effective and uniform sealing.
5. The snap-by-snap connection style; Telescopic scope from 0 to 30mm; Specification range from DN50 to DN1500; Patch maximum width 2000mm, almost cater to all pipeline size.
Stainless CR Single Band Repair Clamp APPLICATION ASPECTION:
1. On the ground pipeline oil and gas pipeline, water supply and drainage pipeline project application: Easy, reliable, safe and no fire in construction; Patch up damaged pipeline up to 600mm that is 5 times the length of the common products, cater to varies of need.
2. Underground water pipeline: Sealing under pressure, lighter and smaller than Flange, no need to special dealing for quick, convenient and reliable mend, without fire.


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