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Tubing And Fittings Of The Use And Maintenance Of

Nov 19, 2016

Hydraulic system tubing and fittings included in the fitting, which was connected by various types of hydraulic components, oil-pressure device.
Pipe fittings should have sufficient ability to bear (strength), no leakage, pressure loss, easy disassembly.
Tubes screwed into the side of the connection thread of the main use of standard metric thread (ZM) and common fine thread. Former rely on their own Cone, tighten and PTFE thread seal tape for sealing, applicable to low-voltage system; the latter well sealed, but using composite gaskets or o-rings to seal. Wyeth abroad (BSP) pipe threads (more common in European countries in the production of hydraulic components) and NPT threads (more common in United States production of hydraulic components).
Tubing rigid pipes (steel and brass) and hoses (rubber hose, plastic and nylon tube) two categories, due to the small pipe flow resistance, high reliability and low cost, so unless the oil moving parts together with the actuator movement (such as pipe loaded in the piston cylinder rod is fixed on the cylinder), should generally try to use rigid pipe.