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What Causes High Pressure Hose Leaking

Nov 19, 2016

On the knowledge of high pressure hose, and believe that the majority of users is no stranger to it, know their joints as a priority in the hydraulic industry, hydraulic industry constitute a large component in use high pressure hose leaking problems often occur, under the analysis of the relevant professionals, we learn that the General has the following cause:
-Ring leak caused by ageing or deformation о-ring Assembly is not in place, bring the two planes connect pressure inequality or о-ring is cut causing leakage о-ring is not compacted, elastic deformation caused by the lack of leaks о-ring groove is too deep and cause leaks. In this regard, the need to reselect the same outside diameter and cross-section о-ring is thicker, <a high pressure hose  joints can be sealed with a Groove plane cutting or grinding process to decrease groove depth, о-ring has enough elastic deformation (compression should generally be between 0.35-0.65mm). About the use of oil-resistant rubber, wool felt, soft steel Board, combination sealing gasket or sealing pipe joints leak, no matter what material is, first check the seal without damage, deformation, aging and roughness, and so on, and then take the appropriate action.